Wynne Liberals’ deeming policy continues to fail injured workers: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK— On Monday, Ontario NDP Labour critic Cindy Forster called on the Wynne government to end practices that gut benefits and protections for injured workers who need help. 


“Under the Liberals’ failed policies, if you get hurt at work on the job and you rely on compensation benefits under WSIB to make ends meet, they rely on a policy called ‘deeming’,” said Forster.

Deeming allows the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) to assume an injured worker has a job for the purpose of their claim, even though they may not actually be employed. While WSIB may agree a claimant can’t return to a previous job, it can pair a claimant with a job they’re “fit” to perform and cut benefits, even though the injured worker hasn’t had any luck finding suitable employment.

“WSIB pretends that you have a job that you don’t actually have in order to allow WSIB to gut your benefits. For a government that seems to be so in tune with vulnerable workers and with fairness, this policy is detrimental to the injured workers, and it sinks them deeper and deeper into poverty,” said Forster.

The issue of deeming was one of many amendments New Democrats brought forward to strengthen Bill 148 last fall but was voted down by Liberal members.

“When is the premier going to fix our broken system of compensation and make sure injured workers are given the benefits and protections they deserve?” asked Forster.  


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