QUEEN’S PARK—Today, Ontario NDP Labour critic Cindy Forster called on the Wynne government to end practices that unfairly cut benefits and protections for injured workers who need help.


“As it stands today, if you’re a worker in this province who gets hurt while at work, unable to continue doing that job and reliant on benefits from compensation to meet your needs or your families, the WSIB relies on a practice called deeming,” said Forster.

Deeming allows the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) to assume an injured worker has a job for the purpose of their claim, even though they may not actually be employed. While WSIB may agree a claimant can’t return to a previous job, it can pair a claimant with a job they’re “fit” to perform and cut benefits, even though the injured worker hasn’t had any luck finding suitable employment.

“We have Jenny Zhou with us here today,“ said Forster. “She spent every single day at a factory operating a knitting machine that, after almost five years, sent her home with a long list of repetitive strain injuries, back injuries and severe carpel tunnel. WSIB was able to cut her benefits, deeming that she could be a Walmart greeter—a phantom job that she could never get nor did she ever have. Jenny went into severe depression.”

Forster called on the Wynne government to immediately fix the compensation system and treat workers fairly.

“When is the premier going to fix our broken system of compensation and make sure injured workers are given the benefits and protections they deserve?” asked Forster.  



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