Stop the Lockout!

Minister Hunter:

I’m writing as a constituent from the Niagara region regarding the appalling situation at the Niagara Catholic School board that has resulted in the lockout of elementary school teachers and forced school children out of the classroom. I’m asking that you intervene immediately and put an end to the lock out so that our teachers and school children can get back to the classroom.

As you know, lockouts are not the solution. Already, I’m seeing the divisive impacts on children in my community and the families who are caught in the middle of the dispute. I have no details on how long the lockout will last, and am extremely concerned.

I know that over 460 other school boards across the province have reached agreements. The Niagara Catholic District School Board is one of three that has yet to settle. I trust that if both parties return to the bargaining table, and talks continue, an agreement can be reached. Until then, our school children will be the ones left to suffer.

We’ve seen what the government’s flawed funding formula and cuts to our education have done to our schools and our education system at large. As such, I’m urging you to take immediate steps to get our teachers and our school children back to the classroom by putting an immediate stop to the lockout in the region.

Thank you,


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