I want to thank our leader, Andrea Horwath, and our member from London West, Peggy Sattler, for bringing forward this important bill and this issue and putting it in the forefront.

I want to do a shout out to the women’s shelter in my area, Women’s Place South Niagara in Welland, and Nova House women’s place in Niagara Falls, two sister organizations who have come together in times of need to actually try and save administration costs.

So they have been one organization since 1997 and they do a great job. Their leadership and their workers and volunteers ensure that our communities have the supports that they need within their financial kind of obligations.

On Saturday, November 4, they are doing a fundraiser: a five-kilometre walk, a beach party as part of Woman Abuse Prevention Month, starting at the Seaway mall to help wipe out domestic violence in our communities. On that piece, I’m grateful that we have them in our community.