Statement From Ontario NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson

Queen’s Park – Ontario NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson issued the following statement in response to the Liberal decision to prorogue the Legislature.

“It’s clear that Ontarians are not happy with the direction in which the Liberal government has been taking our province. Under Premier Wynne’s leadership, families are struggling and people are worried about the future.

We hope Premier Wynne has finally decided to stop ignoring the voices of Ontarians instead of just using prorogation to change the channel on her failed record. If the Premier is really determined to turn the page, then she can prove it in Monday’s throne speech by halting the sale of Hydro One, reversing her deep cuts to healthcare, and committing to good jobs for the future.

Ontarians will not be fooled by another Liberal public relations exercise. They want to see real action on their priorities.”