Premier Wynne's Hydro Mismanagement Putting Banks Over People: MPP Forster

Queen’s Park – Welland MPP, Cindy Forster, demanded to know why Premier Kathleen Wynne is planning to give away $40 billion to banks in hydro interest payments, while people in Niagara are struggling to pay ever-increasing hydro bills.

“My office has been flooded with complaints about skyrocketing hydro bills from people like Lorna Lampman. Lorna has lived in St. Catharines for 30 years and says she’s never in her life seen a hydro bill so high,” Forster said.

“Her bills have tripled over the last few years. Her last hydro bill was $600. Lorna is in her early 50s. She has a decent job, and her husband is on a disability pension – and they find themselves having to choose between whether they can put some money away for retirement or whether they’re going to pay that hydro bill.”

“Why is the premier choosing to put $40 billion in the pockets of bankers and ignoring the very people, like Lorna Lampman, who need our help most?” Forster asked.

Forster said that Wynne is leaving Mrs. Lampman, and people from all walks of life in Niagara, with crippling hydro debt.

“Lorna doesn’t want this pushed on to her children and her grandchildren,” Forster said. “But Premier Wynne obviously doesn’t get it. She said she thinks it’s fine to have her grandchildren pay for today’s outrageous hydro bills.”

“It’s not just people like Lorna that are worried about retirement and are struggling to pay their bills. A young student in Welland who suffers from a disability, and expects to graduate soon, is worried about her student loans. She, too, is being forced to make that choice: Do I put some money away for my student loan payments, or do I pay these painful hydro bills?”

Media Contact:  Eiman Zarrug, 416-325-7106