NDP Urges Liberal Government to Take Action on Employment Inequality

Ms. Catherine Fife: My question, of course, is to the Premier. Premier, last month StatsCan data revealed that women in this province are far more precariously employed than men. Women are less likely to be employed than men. Women between age 24 and 55 are employed at a rate 10% lower than men. Women are roughly twice as likely to be working in part-time jobs and more likely than men to have to work multiple jobs.

To add insult to injury, Premier, full-time working women in Ontario earn $167 less per week than their male counterparts across all industries. We know this because it comes from Stats Canada, their 2016 survey.

What Ontarians don’t know is why the Premier doesn’t have a plan to address employment inequality. Premier, why don’t you have a plan to address this serious issue?