Better Jobs, better Pay, Better Benefits: NDP Will Make it Easier for Ontarians to Join a Union

Toronto – Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath announced new plans to help improve the quality of jobs, raise wages, and provide benefits for Ontario working families.

“Ontarians know that this province is a great place, but they’re watching as it gets harder to build a good life, especially for young people,” said Horwath. “People want to make a better life for themselves and their kids. New Democrats will help them do that. That’s why we will make it easier for people to join a union, and when they do, ensure they can get a fair contract.”

New Democrats are calling for Card Check Certification, and First Contract Arbitration legislation. Together these measures make it easier for Ontarians to join a union. They protect workers from intimidation, and ensure access to binding arbitration so workers are not left in limbo if employers are unwilling to negotiate a first contract.

“I believe the next generation deserves a real future in Ontario. It’s why New Democrats believe Ontarians deserve a $15 minimum wage; that temporary workers deserve the same wages and benefits as permanent workers doing the same jobs; and that we must protect the rights of people to work together, form a union, and enjoy fair pay and good benefits,” said Horwath. “Ontarians can count on the NDP to focus on a future with good, middle class jobs for them and their children.”

Horwath was joined by young workers who face low wages, unpredictable scheduling, no benefits and little security. Horwath spoke with young people about what joining a union could mean, such as better jobs with higher wages, real benefits, job stability and better scheduling.

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